Our Montessori Approach

At Busy Bee we follow the Montessori ethos of care of the self, care of each other and care of the environment. Our aim at Busy Bee Nursery School is to foster independence and self-esteem. It is hoped to free the child’s potential for self-development. We do this by creating a prepared environment, which allows children to explore the world through their various senses. Early sensorial experiences encourage children to become careful observers of their environment. They develop pride in themselves through success and the self-mastery that allows them to do things for themselves. The task of the supervisor is to stimulate and arouse interest, thus leaving the child free to develop and unfold. In this carefully structured environment children are able to progress at their own rate. The classroom is arranged on the premise of “a place for everything and everything in its place”, so that the child can rely on the security of knowing that everything has a place and will always be found there. Apparatus relevant to each stage in the child’s development can be found around the room, and each piece of apparatus serves a specific purpose. The apparatus is designed to be self-correcting thus encouraging the child to be in control of his/her own ultimate achievement. With this equipment the child’s natural curiosity is stimulated and they discover how to learn (and want to learn ) about: practical life, numeracy, language, their environment and the wider world. We also offer an introduction to the first stages of phonic recognition and simple word building using the Montessori methods. There is also a place for jigsaws, construction toys, playdoh, painting, printing, cooking and general play.

In short, our aim is the development of the Holistic child and to prepare them for school. The range of activities we offer directly link in with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have been praised by many schools in the area for each childs preparation for the next big leap into mainstream school. Each individual child has good listening skills, is able to hold pencils and scissors correctly, can follow instructions, recognize colours, shapes, numbers and letters as well as recognize and write their own name.

Our Indoor Environment

  • The room is designed to promote self-selection of activities, completion of the task and replacement of the equipment. This encourages an awareness of the needs of others and the importance of the care of caring for our environment. The equipment is used to develop the four areas of Montessori learning i.e practical life skills, sensorial, language and numeracy skills.
  • We also offer an introduction to the first stages of phonic recognition and simple word building. Simple matching three letter word and picture boxes are sent home with the children to help parents reinforce these skills.
  • In addition to the Montessori equipment we also have a wide range of I.C.T. equipment such as a tablet, digital camera, remote control cars, electronic till, mobile telephones and a birdbox with remote camera.
  • A knowledge of their own environment and the greater world is encouraged through play activities including painting, gluing, cooking, imaginative play together with observations of animals and plants within their own environment.
  • We encourage grace and courtesy activities, for example a good morning welcome with a handshake and please and thank you when appropriate. The children are encouraged to listen during circle time and we encourage an awareness of the needs of others together with a strong sense of belonging which helps to lead to a positive self esteem.

Our Outdoor Environment

  • Although we only have a small garden, at Busy Bee we make full use of it. We have a wide range of equipment as well as areas for planting and observing.
  • A safe well equipped outdoor area with facilities for climbing, scooters and bikes.
  • Trays for mark making activities..
  • Water play tray with a wide range of appropriate equipment including guttering and measuring.
  • Sand play tray with equipment to use with both wet and dry sand.
  • Balancing equipment for developing their gross motor skills.
  • A giant target for use with balls and bean bags to encourage activities which develop shape and colour awareness.
  • Talking tubes to encourage language.
  • Bird Box and camera – to discover nature.
  • Plant and Vegetable area.

Please come and see the warm, caring environment we provide: