Peripatetic Team

At Busy Bees, we provide music, French, and sports activities to enhance the children's curriculum and enrich their learning opportunities.

Fiddlesticks Music

My name is Lyndsey Gilbey and I’ve been singing with the children of Bus Bees since 2003. I am married to Keith and have two teenage sons. My background is in the performing Arts working as an Actress for nearly 10 years before having my sons. Fiddlesticks Music specialises in the musical and cognitive development of pre-school children through singing. The singing voice is our first instrument and at Busy Bees I develop singing, confidence, rhythm and pulse and introduce simple musicianship using puppets, visual aids and percussion. Singing also develops language, listening and processing skills as well as introducing numeracy and literacy through sequencing, pattern, rhythm and rhyme. Of course we also have a lot of fun!

Active8 Minds

Active minds come to Busy Bees once a week to interact with the children. The children are encouraged to engage in physical activities which aim to improve self-confidence, concentration, social interaction and general wellbeing. It has proved to be very popular with the children.


The children are introduced to the French language through ‘La Jolie Ronde’ which is a structured programme which has been in operation for 30 years and is widely accepted as a highly successful teaching method in this country and abroad. Songs, stories and games are used to introduce the children to vocabulary related to themselves, greetings and events such as Birthdays, Christ, Easter etc.

Nature Walks

We believe that experiencing nature first hand is really important for the children’s development and understanding of their world around them. This year we took the children up to Ditcham Park School to visit their bluebell woods.

Visits From

The Early Years curriculum at Busy Bees is based around the children's world and from that we build out. To inspire them about the world they live in, we bi-annually rotate hatching chicks with visits from Zoolab/Animal Encounters. These offer exciting first-hand experiences to expand the children's sense of wonder about their world.


Zoolab comes to Busy Bees once a year to introduce the children to the world of mini beasts and nature. It is a hands on experience for the children.

Living Eggs

Every other year we bring in Living eggs to hatch in the nursery school so the children can experience first hand new life and watch the chicks grow and develop. The chicks are then passed on to a local farm to be raised into chickens.

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